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June 2014 Bike Of The Month Presentation
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Post June 2014 Bike Of The Month Presentation 
untitled_1412333097_197280 untitled_1412333097_197280  0010_1412234851_807674 Bertha June 2014 Bike Of The Month  0010_1412234851_807674

  untitled_1412333720_968256  untitled_1412333720_968256 Pizz has owned his Deluxe for a while now, no doubt it will remain as his ride for a few
 untitled_1412333720_968256  untitled_1412333720_968256 more years yet. No need for a pillion seat, as he enjoys just cruising around on his own.
 untitled_1412333720_968256  untitled_1412333720_968256 With this well set up Deluxe, it doesn't matter if it is a one day ride around the area of
 untitled_1412333720_968256  untitled_1412333720_968256 Newcastle or visiting the family just over the border into Victoria, the deluxe continues
 untitled_1412333720_968256  untitled_1412333720_968256 to keep him happy and fulfilling every desire he has when it comes to riding.

 untitled_1412333720_968256  untitled_1412333720_968256  image1_1412336576_912607        
 untitled_1412333720_968256  untitled_1412333720_968256  untitled_1412333720_968256  thnzm6hfw4_1412335215_114499
 untitled_1412333720_968256  untitled_1412333720_968256  untitled_1412335269_652816

  untitled_1412333720_968256 Well well well, what does ya know, me ol mate Pizz has won the BOM. And done it with a grand ol lady. One of all time favorite  untitled_1412333720_968256 PIG. The Delux. Congrates Pizz man. What a sweet ride man.

 untitled_1412333720_968256 *yeah thanks robo...3 times a bridesmaid, the 4th time Rx enters her and "bingo"..go figure...thanks to the people that voted for  untitled_1412333720_968256 the old girl, I voted for Cols  bike, the engine work sounded nice...

 untitled_1412333720_968256 Rightio man Cool man. So ya didn't vote for ya Lux man. Mighty sportsman of ya. Anyhows give us the story on the Delux man. untitled_1412333720_968256 Birth etc.

 untitled_1412333720_968256 * I've owned the lux since new, it's a 2005 model, stock 88ci, the paint is Black Pearl.

 untitled_1412333720_968256 Good stuff man. So when did you buys her man.

 untitled_1412333720_968256 * I bought the bike late 05 or early 06. Can't really remember now, it was an insurance replacement for a blue an white lux I wrote  untitled_1412333720_968256 off

 untitled_1412333720_968256 Wrote off.....Wooow, What mods have you done to her.

 untitled_1412333720_968256 * The lux runs a 42mm mukini carb, gotta love a carb, they suck. A vance and hines Drak hiflo air cleaner, and a set of vance and  untitled_1412333720_968256 hines double barrel staggered pipes.
 untitled_1412333720_968256Ikon progressive fork springs and a set of progressive suspension 422 shocks in the rear, a moco oil cooler, you gotta keep these
 untitled_1412333720_968256twinkies cool..
 untitled_1412333720_968256I run a quick detach set up for the sissy bar...when the missus isn't on the back it takes 5 minutes to remove the sissy bar, rear untitled_1412333720_968256 seat and stock  luggage rack ,bolt on the curved luggage rack and she's running sorta bare ass'd (just the way i like it) or bare with   untitled_1412333720_968256 a set of saddlebags, any and all combo's that suits what is happening at the time..There's a riders backrest that takes care of any untitled_1412333720_968256 back aches for the longer hauls, but 9 out 10 times I forget it's on the shelf and leave home without it, can't have it all I spose.
untitled_1412333720_968256Other bits of bling are a kuryakyn curved licence plate...matched up the shifter pegs and brake pedal rubber to the lux footboards, untitled_1412333720_968256headlight and passing light visors.
untitled_1412333720_968256The hand grips are HD's aileron grips, they have got to be the most comfortable grips i have ever had...I just love 'em.
untitled_1412333720_968256Tyres were always metzler,but a while back i fitted a shinko on the rear and shinko's will be the tyre of choice for now...been reading untitled_1412333720_968256about the metz 888's dual compound,so they might get a spin to have a look
untitled_1412333720_968256I've added a few little bits of chrome doohickeys here and there and as far as bling goes there will be no more,the bike comes from untitled_1412333720_968256the factory dripping in chrome as it is

untitled_1412333720_968256Ooooops, how fucking rude of me. Is it a he or she man.

untitled_1412333720_968256* No need to apologies, he's a she....

untitled_1412333720_968256Sorted. Have you got a little pet name for the Lux man. Like I call me Ol Beryls RK the King. Calls me Softy the ''RON". And I calls me untitled_1412333720_968256pecker.....Morton. What does ya call the Lux.

untitled_1412333720_968256* Her names Bertha because she's a bit of a fat f**k, I'm only 5'6' ( i sound taller on the phone) and when she's just rolling she can untitled_1412333720_968256be like trying to manoeuvre a 44 gallon drum of wet pan cake mix at times

untitled_1412333720_968256Shit...You do sound tall man.....Like real tall. Great stuff man....Ya gots any further Mods in the Pipeline for her man.

untitled_1412333720_968256*Future mods planned will be a set of andrews cams, the gear drive conversion(never liked the chain drive),oil pump etc and give the untitled_1412333720_968256heads a bit of a  clean up and been watching us ebay for brembo calipers,I'm on the lookout for a untitled_1412333720_968256black untitled_1412333720_968256painted oil tank and respray it black pearl,I'm not a fan of chrome oil tanks and that will also give a better flow of paint as the eye untitled_1412333720_968256wanders from front to back of the bike,i reckons
untitled_1412333720_968256I'm not 100% on this,but I'm thinking of booking a test ride on a 2014 streety,so what's planned for my lux might go out the untitled_1412333720_968256window...dunno yet?,sort  of can't see me selling my lux

untitled_1412333720_968256You really keep the Lux looking bright man....What's ya cleaning program.

untitled_1412333720_968256*I wash the bike regularly and around every third wash i coat the bike in polish, keeping polish up the the paint and chrome makes ituntitled_1412333720_968256 loads easier to keep clean, plus i now live around salt air..friends who don't ride think i have OCD..I use ,mothers,maguires for the untitled_1412333720_968256paint,mothers chrome polish and mothers leather conditioner for the seat,tank strap and saddlebags

untitled_1412333720_968256Ok Pizz.....Lets get this interview on tracks man....We needs to know some insights..
untitled_1412333720_968256Now we all knows how the Muffs just loves the HDs man. Hows ya pick up rate going on the LUX man. You having to hunt them away untitled_1412333720_968256like meself and little Als man....

untitled_1412333720_968256*I used to carry a big stick, then i realised they were only looking at the bike, doctors put me on meds to deal with the untitled_1412333720_968256disappointment

untitled_1412333720_968256Oh man...So hows does you treat the Lux to a good time.

untitled_1412333720_968256* she gets a bit fat and lazy slumbering in the shed,so i i hit the starter and take her for a ride,like all females,there's a moan and untitled_1412333720_968256groan on the way  out, but comes home humming

untitled_1412333720_968256You do all ya own spanner work man.

untitled_1412333720_968256* sure do,nothing better than fingering ya bike

untitled_1412333720_968256Good shit Man. Never thought of spanner work as an excuse for sexual pleasure on a bike man..... Ok...Never mind....We nearwell untitled_1412333720_968256covered all avenues of the LUX man.....Lets have a litte looky at yaself.....Dig it. I'll ask a word....Or Phrase. You just respond with untitled_1412333720_968256the first word or Phrase that comes to mind....Don't be there sitting dwelling over a response man....Just bang it. Ok.

untitled_1412333720_968256*<- what's this one for

untitled_1412333720_968256Spare man...Ok.....Harley Davidson.

untitled_1412333720_968256* More common than honda's


untitled_1412333720_968256*2 tea bags in a cuppa


untitled_1412333720_968256* Exhaust


untitled_1412333720_968256* Grumblebum

untitled_1412333720_968256Blllaaahhhhaaaa   Grumblebum arighty.......Ok.... Dynas

untitled_1412333720_968256* Iove them,would have one in the shed tomorrow (sitting beside bertha) and a sporty and....

untitled_1412333720_968256Knocking the top off it while reading a New Idea mag.....

untitled_1412333720_968256*i can see where your heading with this, your trying to get me to say there's nothing better than a frontal nude centrefold of ita...if untitled_1412333720_968256you find one, send me a photcopy

 untitled_1412333720_968256Chrisso shinny noggin.

untitled_1412333720_968256* lights the way at night

untitled_1412333720_968256Coffee or Coke

untitled_1412333720_968256*things go better with coke

untitled_1412333720_968256Hydro or Bush

untitled_1412333720_968256*definitely bush mate..you can floss at the same time

untitled_1412333720_968256Ok....Nuff of the Tom Foolery Pizz. Ya a crack up man.
untitled_1412333720_968256Man...Delux is me favorite HD and I can't believe I ain't owned one as yet.....Sweet sweet bike you have man. Thanks for entering it untitled_1412333720_968256into the Bom man. Thanks for being part of the Forum. And thanks for being yourself man.....Enjoy the accolades that comes with untitled_1412333720_968256being a BOM winner.
untitled_1412333720_968256NUFF said.

 untitled_1412333720_968256  untitled_1412333720_968256   untitled_1412340976_112650
 untitled_1412333720_968256  untitled_1412333720_968256  untitled_1412333720_968256  thnzm6hfw4_1412335215_114499

  untitled_1412333097_197280  untitled_1412333097_197280 untitled_1412346450_771764  

  untitled_1412333720_968256  untitled_1412333720_968256  untitled_1412333720_968256thnzm6hfw4_1412335215_114499


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Post Re: June 2014 Bike Of The Month Presentation 
Well done Pizz.....Sweet looking bike you have there ol cock..
Great presentation BOM team.

Street Glide....CVO....Sex on Wheels.
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Post Re: June 2014 Bike Of The Month Presentation 
Robo wrote:  
Well done Pizz.....Sweet looking bike you have there ol cock..
Great presentation BOM team.

Yep .. I concur .. Bertha is a sweet elegant sled ..

Back at ya Robo .. you have done a great job on the interview (& the page) .. as usual.

both Pizz & you gave me a good laugh    


A RIDERS GRIN skeleton_hand_1333762535_785808 If I'm vertical... It's time to RIDE. skeleton_handleft_1333762574_209111 see_hear_speak
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Post Re: June 2014 Bike Of The Month Presentation 
Hope everyone likes the new layout, a lot of time and effort was put into it from the whole BOM team


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Post Re: June 2014 Bike Of The Month Presentation 
looks ok..thanks for that fella's

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Post Re: June 2014 Bike Of The Month Presentation 
Lovely bike Pizz congrats...

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