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V-Rod Executed By Harley
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Post V-Rod Executed By Harley 
Since buying my VRSCAW from Northside Harley some 3 months ago, apart from stupidly leaving ignition switch on and flattening battery, it has been sensational. I have to say that it is NOT designed for long distance touring, unlike some 14 years riding a 2001 Road King. After having that bikes engine repaired at just 50K's, I was not impressed with the Twin Cam. However, my new ride is like sitting on a rocket. Not Ducati Diavel performance mind you, but bloody quick just the same, for a Harley Davidson. What I like is the look of the beast. Low, raked, plenty of chrome, fat back tyre, ABS and really surprising handling, although cornering can wear out the heels of your boots. The only regret is it doesn't sound like a 45 degree V twin, but the average bozo wouldn't be able to tell the difference anyway. Having ridden to Inverloch and back from Melbourne (twice), I'm beginning to understand why V-Rod owners don't travel far. If you see one in the street, you can almost guarantee the owner lives around the corner or has a trailer parked nearby.
Nevertheless, as an old fart, I still like the safety of speed when used wisely (not something I do often as my entanglements with police would testify). Getting in front of traffic is always my aim, easier to see idiots intending to try and kill you.
Reference the subject heading, which I forgot to add. Now Harley have killed off the model, as I understand it because the US harley hordes didn't like the idea of a water cooled engine, Harley are now adding water jackets to the heads of their latest bikes as a prelude to introducing (stealthily it seems) coolants in order to meet stricter emissions targets. It appears the larger capacity engines and lower compression ratios have staved off this necessity for a short time, but IMO it is inevitable. The reason I was given for the decision to stop making V-Rods  was issues trying to meet emissions with a high compression donk, high fuel use and low demand in their prime market, USA. I frankly think it is a mistake, but there is little doubt the engine will prevail somewhere else. I await the outcome of their corporate wisdom with interest.

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Post Re: V-Rod Executed By Harley 
I totally agree with you Rod, a few years ago I went to Yuma USA and purchased a 2011 VRSCX Night Anniversary and rode across to LA, then shipped her to Melbourne...Bloody awesome acceleration with a tune and some V&H Comp. pipes so I could hear it...Loved every minute but I couldn't stop challenging the "Boy racers" and had my pretty face twice in one day featuring on photo's, (They are in plague proportions in Melb.}, not mentioning the lost points...so...reluctantly she is now being enjoyed elsewhere, still miss her, especially as my FLHXSE is starting to feel heavy when parking and stop manoeuvring...Like I said I miss the Vrod as she was much lighter....Down side....Stopping at every petrol station crossing New Mexico, Have fun Rod, I envy ya...j

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