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Here we have a place we can call cyber home... an old friend we can visit when we need to laugh , ask for help , fix something broken , look at modifications, new builds and meet some new folks to organise a ride or just simply be . The common thread that ties us together is the V-twin motor, the thump , rattle and roll of the most unique motorcycle on the planet . Be safe and enjoy the ride.

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Australian Harley Riders Feature Bike
Australian Harley Riders Feature Bike Posted  Mon 16 Mar, 2015 21:10 By Bluey
General Site News




Burraburra’s 2009 Softail Custom, Black Betty, was new off the floor at Blacktown HD on 5th December 2009.
Before he rode her out of the shop, they fitted Drag Bars, Vance & Hines pipes plus SE Race Tuner.

The eye catchingly balanced ratio of chrome to black is a winning combination & only is enhanced with the red writing on the tank, standing out just enough to catch the eye.


26,000 clicks later, Sept. 2011, Burraburra upgraded to a SE 103 Race Kit, Stage 4 with 58mm TB. (to list only a few of the many extras), a 4 Deuces Derby Cover which shines with attitude while the forward (extended reach) controls plus passenger foot rests that just blend in, unlike the red spark plug leads that stand out just enough to be seen but not to be looking out of place.


The Straight Laced 52 Fat Spoke Mammoth front rim makes a grand statement with a chrome floating disc, which really sets the front end of the bike off boldly.


Pullback drag bars, diamondback black hand grips, black lever controls, slim line mirrors, combination Speedo / Tacho / Gears gauge kit & a after market chrome headlamp are all part of what makes Burras bike a tidy looking machine.

1_1426462159_632463 6_1426464979_163564

The far side has a Black billet air cover contrasting nicely but working in conjunction with the Vance & Hines pipes to help Black Betty breath & are a major aspect to the lines of Black Betty.


Feeding the floating chrome discs front & back, the Diamondback braided lines work at not being obvious to the eye as the Jerzee brand chrome Oil Pressure gauge is there to be seen.


The chrome fork brace & the bobtail fender chrome rack shine strong in performing their function while the HD Cloisonné Gas Cap medallions & bolt covers for various parts of the bike are just bling the LED rear tail lamp looks slick with the smoked lens covers.


Burrabura rides Black Betty every few weeks with at least a monthly ride or two (couple of days away). He tries to keep somewhere near the front fellas but on the odd occasions, he likes to sit at the back & watch the long snake of HDs in front of him.
He pushes as hard as his bravery will take him & rides with some very good riders, so at the end of the day, he's exhausted.
Burraburra has just acquired a Brembo Rear Braking system (to be installed soon) plus he is seriously looking at upgrading front / rear suspension.
So .. as much as he has added & changed parts & pieces to make Black Betty the bike she is as you see her now .. she is still growing.

Anything else to say about your bike ??

"Love riding, love the blokes (& gals) I ride with. I get equal enjoyment out of washing / cleaning Black Betty."

Amen ..


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Congratulations H .. February BOM 2015
Congratulations H .. February BOM 2015 Posted  Sun 01 Mar, 2015 08:17 By Rxes
BOM News
Congratulation H on Red still having the ability to pull votes.
A win very closely chased .. but well deserved ..


Felicitations to ya H.


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Congratulations Moff
Congratulations Moff Posted  Sun 01 Feb, 2015 00:01 By Rxes
General Site News
Congratulations Moff on winning the 2014 Bike of the Year.
A well deserved win for your super clean slick sled.
We all, well 32 of us, admire & appreciate your King as much as you do ..



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N701447532 1627966 4661
Filthy Phil
Sun 08 Apr, 2012 12:11

Img 6647-lr
Img 6647-lr
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With Windscreen Off
Mon 11 Nov, 2013 16:40

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