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Australian Harley Riders Feature Bike
Australian Harley Riders Feature Bike Posted  Tue 21 Apr, 2015 11:01 By Bluey
General Site News




Scandell’s 2009 Street Bob FXDB, "Ana" aka "Me Bob", came to him 2nd hand in 2012 with 7000 miles on her as a US import.
Straight away he got to changing it to his style & requirements. With a close look, you will only see some of the mods & additions that has been added or replaced. The motor modifications, a Big Sucker Air Filter kit & a Power Pro Cobra Auto Tune was the first to be added, the S & S 106 big bore kit, adjustable push rods, 585 easy start cams, Screamin Eagle tuner & a Rinehart exhaust (came after a few other changes), all work in unison to give a dyno result that ended up at 99 hp & 107 ft/lbs.


A must fit additional mod was the True Track, which Scandall is still calling the best thing a bloke could do to a Dyna,
"made it go around corners without that bending in the middle feeling".
After a dirt road (parking bay) wrecked the belt with a rock in the rear pulley, Scandall went looking for better options,
a chain & sprocket kit was sourced out of the US from zippers, also at this time, with the floating front disc to better the brake performance,
he upped the weight of the front end to SE specs.

dsc_0051 untitled_1420972336_509763

A double seat was on her when he took ownership, it was one of the first alterations, now she has a Saddle Man single seat fitted.
The flaming foot pegs were replaced with some dirt bike style burly ones for grip.
The mini apes were replaced as well as the grips, as the ones on it were stuffed.


Not long after the bar change, the compensator died & was exchanged with a SE one.
The wheel bearings x 2, the front engine mount, & the head stem bearing are also on the replaced list.

dsc_0046_1429576747_387783 dsc_0336

To equalize the rear to the front end, the rear shocks were swapped for the 444 progressives, which give her a firm grip on the road so Scandall can ride her as if he stole her, he admits to being a bit of a Lucifer,
" .. don't like to be second in the twisties, try me best to pass everyone." said with a wicked grin & a glint in his eye.


The rack, which is easily & quickly fitted for the long trips, blend in to the curves & lines with function & form. The blacked out horn & air cover become congruous to the curves & lines that are harmonious with the Denim Red, black paint & chrome colour scheme which subduedly expresses a willingness to be released to knock over the K's.


Scandall tries to do all his own spanner work & services, except the fitting of the big bore kit, as he wanted the warranty with that.
Ana, as his misses calls her {that's what's on the number plate}, Scandall normally just calls her Me Bob.
Scandall has already started a list of future mods, de-chrome her a bit, top triple clamp (need rubber mounts), cartridge fork inserts (not sure which brand yet), might paint it too (not sure which colour yet either though) ..

"I still have plenty of plans for the old girl, so stay tuned."


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